Sailing on a Dream – Part Three

After a late night at Downtown Disney we were off to a late start but no matter, it was going to be in the low 80’s and I had Blizzard Beach on the mind!  We arrived at Blizzard Beach around 11 am and the crowds were very low, which is always a good thing.  This wasn’t my first visit to Blizzard Beach so I knew just where to go first.  We started off with Teamboat Springs which is labeled as the “World’s longest family raft ride”. We shared a raft with a very fun family and that made the ride that much more enjoyable.

We then headed to the lazy river, which in my mind is the star attraction of any water park.  You could park me in the lazy river any day and I would be more than happy.  Around lunch we headed towards the Lottawatta Lodge where we picked up some grub.  I ordered the club sandwich and my mom grabbed a chili dog.  The food was really good, and the prices were very reasonable.  It had been a while since I had been to a water park at Disney and I was surprised to see they had their own refillable drink mugs available for purchase here.  These mugs were encoded with a special chip which would prevent people from “mug hopping” with their resort drink mugs.  So think twice if you want to pack your resort drink mug!

After lunch we did a little poolside lounging mixed with more lazy river time.  Around 3 pm I was feeling pretty exhausted (from all the lounging) and we decided to head back to our resort. Some of you reading this may think, “What??? You only did one water ride??”  Yes, however as I mentioned, I’ve been to Blizzard Beach before, I’ve done the other rides like Summit Plummet and losing my suit wasn’t as an appealing thought to me at the time. I needed some pure lazy river R&R time and that’s just what we got!

Once we got back to the Pop we did a quick change and headed towards the Boardwalk for a fun night out!  We stopped first at the Beach and Yacht Club Resorts.  These Resorts are both so beautiful and peaceful, I would love to stay here soon.  I love all of the resorts of the Boardwalk area.  You have a mix of a great location for resort hoping and nightlife nearby, plus I don’t think you can beat having boat or walking access to two theme parks! 

While meandering the Boardwalk we decided to have some dinner at Big River Grill and Brewing Works.  I was still somewhat full from lunch so I ordered a side salad and the beer cheese soup.  The side salad was just a side salad and the cheese soup was great.  However, I would have liked it a lot more if it was served with some bread or crackers.  My mom got an order of the nachos, they were nacho-licious. I used some of her chips for dipping (again I need some bread!)  Since we were at a brewing company we figured it would be best to taste some of their brews.  We couldn’t decide what to order and decided to try their beer sampler.  Now, I’m not a “beer connoisseur” but we both didn’t think any of these beers where anything to write home about.  Many of them seemed very light and flavorless, and whatever the seasonal brew was neither of us was willing to finish it.  Long story short it was a fun way to try their brews, but I probably wouldn’t do it again!

After dinner we walked down the boardwalk and caught some fantastic live entertainment acts.  There were 2-3 shows going on all the time and each of the entertainers were great! We spent at least 45 minutes watching a few of the shows.  We then stopped into Beaches and Cream to grab an ice cream cone and then decided to take the leisurly walk to EPCOT, it was a beautiful night after all.

This was somewhat of a bad idea, we did not get park tickets for this trip as I felt it would be unnecessary, but this was the first time I have ever gone to Disney World without visiting the parks.  We sat outside the entrance of EPCOT’s World Showcase and could see France just off to the right.  We just sat and listened to the beautiful music and I thought, “hmm… if I slip the cast member a $20 they’ll let us in right?”  Or perhaps if I walk up (looking very sad and pathetic) and just ask if I could come in for an hour.  Or even better, maybe I could climb the fence?   Before I did anything illegal we decided it was best to go.  We mulled around the boardwalk for a while and watched Illuminations over the water, it was beautiful.  Then it was once again time to say good night, we had to get back to the Pop to pack and have our bags ready to go in the morning, the Dream was calling our name!

 To be continued…


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2 Responses to Sailing on a Dream – Part Three

  1. shanisko says:

    Love reading your TR. One of the best trips I ever had to WDW was me and my mom a few years back.

    • annayott says:

      Thanks Shanisko!! We travel really well together, and always seem to be able to create some amazing memories. It’s great that we get the chance to travel together. 🙂

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